Wulguru Little Athletics Tiny Tots Program is for ages 3-4 yrs. It is a fun based program focusing on developing gross motor skills, fitness, balance and is all about having fun and playing with other Tiny Tots. All exercises incorporate running, jumping and throwing with the aim of getting the Tiny Tots ready for Little Athletics for ages 5 and up.

Tiny Tots is held every Saturday from 2.30pm to 3.30pm at Wulguru Primary State School’s Sporting Grounds. Katelyn and Karen will be the Tiny Tot Coaches for 2019. The parent / guardian of the Tiny Tot athlete must participate with their child in this program.

Activities – 60 metre run – maximum, and activities in accordance with endorsed QLAA programs for example, mini hurdles, throwing games, jumping games, parachute play, and many more fun games designed for the Tiny Tots to have fun and start learning about athletic events.
There are no times, no places, and no measurements recorded for Tiny Tots. Tiny Tots are provided with an achievement book and weekly encouragement tickets.

A Tiny Tots registration number will be provided to the athletes and club shirt.

Tiny Tots will only take part in athletic activities at their respective Centre. No activity is permitted beyond Centre level.